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Smart assistants for a diverse community

I take on projects in the field of computational linguistics (NLP, VUI, Conversation Design, Smart Assistants, AI Training), linguistic consultancy and linguistic research. I have a special interest in working with language systems. Human language systems and artificial ones. My goal is to make current apps and smart assistants in the mental health care domain more inclusive for the neurodiverse community and to develop smart tools and assistants for a diverse community.

I work remotely from my home office most of the time and during lock downs all of the time. Except from medical emergencies for which a medical interpreter is required. Please feel free to contact me in case you need help.


Translating and interpreting


Dutch (native)

English (fluent)

Italian (fluent)

Do you need a friendly medical interpreter to understand your family doctor? Or do you need an experienced translator who goes the extra mile?

I have translated many different kinds of documents, but I am specialized in medical texts, science, construction and literature. I don't take on rush jobs or projects for which I don't consider myself the best candidate. 









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