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In 2010 I started my own business as a freelance computational linguist. I work in the domain of NLP (Natural Language Processing). In the last years I have been specializing in computer languages (Python), programming, Machine Learning, AI and Conversation Design.


Currently I am building an independent inclusive e-health assistant. This project combines my previous professional experiences, studies and my dream to build a truly smart and helpful digital friend. 

My special interest in other languages and cultures started at the age of nineteen, when I moved to Italy to learn Italian.

I continued these studies at the faculty of Italian Language and Culture at Utrecht University and specialized in bilingual development. Here you can find my MA research thesis, the research materials I created  and the transcriptions I donated to CHILDES, the child language component of the TalkBank system.

Before shifting to industry I worked on academic research projects in the domain of linguistics in Italy and Scotland. Collecting, transcribing, coding and analyzing linguistic data.


In my work I look for the right balance between research and application, human and digital.

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